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We’re on a mission to make participation in swimming, and other watersports, accessible for all

About Swim-Able NZ

Swimming Lessons & Coaching

Here at Swim-Able NZ, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience enjoyment in the water. That’s why we’re on a mission to make participation in swimming, and other watersports, accessible for all.

  •  One-on-one lessons
  •  Group coaching sessions
  •  Unique support requirements
  •  Grow skills and confidence in the water

So, whether you would like to learn how to swim, need some help developing your skills or water safety knowledge, or are keen to enhance your form ahead of a triathlon or other athletic event, Swim-Able is here to help.


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Join our Swim-Able NZ Winter Challenge NOW! Keep fit, be event ready, support our local Aquatic Centre. Swim or exercise[…..]

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Sue Dunn


Love your total commitment and your genuine love and care Maxine. Big changes for you hon, but a natural transition to your caring and nurturing for others. Kia Kaha GF, you’ve nailed your dream, Sue, 😘

Pam Rogers


Great, supportive instructor who works with you at your own individual level allowing you to gain confidence and skills over time along with sharing her invaluable water knowledge. Super encouraging and won’t push anyone too soon. She just knows where to start and where to go next. Highly recommended!

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