About Swim-Able

Here at Swim-Able NZ, we believe that everyone should have the opportunity to experience enjoyment in the water. That’s why we’re on a mission to make participation in swimming, and other watersports, accessible for all.

Through one-on-one lessons and group coaching sessions, we enable people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities to build their skills and confidence in the water.

As a Charitable Trust, community and inclusion are at the heart of what we do – which is why we cater our services to a wide variety of people, with a particular focus on supporting adult swimmers, and those with unique support requirements.

So, whether you would like to learn how to swim, need some help developing your skills or water safety knowledge, or are keen to enhance your form ahead of a triathlon or other athletic event, Swim-Able is here to help.


About Maxine

Whatever your needs, Maxine (Max) Parker – Swim-Able’s Founder and Swim Instructor, will find an innovative solution so you can enjoy the water.

Having grown up swimming, kayaking and riding rubber tubes down a stream on the back of her family’s property, Max developed a love for the water at a young age.

As a Mum, Max encouraged her children to join the local swim club. In 1996, after quickly becoming involved in the parent coaching group, Max obtained her official qualification as a swim teacher – something which made her realise that helping swimmers is her “purpose and forte”.

Since then, she has volunteered countless hours of her time for various organisations, such as the Special Olympics – using her passion for swimming to serve her community.

In 2018, after becoming redundant from her job, Max decided to “do something” about her love for the water, and her heart for helping others. From this, Swim-Able was born.


Swim-Able’s Impact

Today, Swim-Able is a Charitable Trust that has helped hundreds of Rotorua locals find their own love for swimming.

As a Swim Angelfish Approved Instructor, one of Swim-Able’s specialisations is on providing swimming lessons for people with unique support requirements.

One of Max’s inspiring students is Nikayla Wood. Living with Cerebral Palsy, Nikayla never dreamed she’d be a competitive swimmer or triathlete. But, with Max’s support, she’s been able to compete in two Huka XStream events, the Women’s Generation Homes Triathlon, the 500m Blue Lake Swim, the Blue Lake Multi-Festival Triathlon, and as a Team Biker in Tinman Triathlon.

Shyla-Mei Corbett – another of Max’s students, who also has cerebral palsy, has competed in the Huka XStream, and the Women’s Generation Homes Triathlon.

Sue Dunn


Love your total commitment and your genuine love and care Maxine. Big changes for you hon, but a natural transition to your caring and nurturing for others. Kia Kaha GF, you’ve nailed your dream, Sue, 😘

Pam Rogers


Great, supportive instructor who works with you at your own individual level allowing you to gain confidence and skills over time along with sharing her invaluable water knowledge. Super encouraging and won’t push anyone too soon. She just knows where to start and where to go next. Highly recommended!

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