Aquatic Centre Covid-19 Requirements

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Our operations at level 2 are based on ‘Playing it safe’ and restrictions are in place to adhere to these three main points

Contact tracing

We must ensure we have contact tracing records for everyone that enters the facility

•             If you have a swipe card/membership all you need to do is swipe this upon arrival

•             If you normally pay each time you visit or are a coach that will be in regularly you can scan the Qr code in attached document to enter your details and a swipe card will be issued to you when you come to the facility, this can be used each time you visit for contact tracing purposes

•             Or we have a paper document that can be filled in at reception upon arrival

Physical distancing

•             Ensuring that you are all users are adhering to physical distancing onsite, ensuring at least 1 metre apart.

•             On entry if there is a que ie early morning please adhere to our queuing system to ensure there is distance between all those that enter, crosses are marked on the ground of where to stand to ensure distancing.

•             Please be patient our staff will be doing there best to get everyone in to the facility as quickly as possible

•             If there is a que (especially early mornings when it can be cold or if it is raining) and you see a que waiting in your car until the facility is open or the que decreases is an option.

•             When in the pool guidelines that were sent apply which consist but not limited to below

o   4 swimmers per lane 25m

o   8 swimmers per lane 50m

o   5sec gap between swimmers

o   Alternate starts at end of each lane

o   No poolside gatherings

•             These are all put in place to ensure the physical distancing. These are them most restrictive measures that will be in place and we will be reviewing in accordance to industry guidelines as time goes on.

•             We are not allowing leisure swimming for at least the first couple of weeks when we will review this and it may continue, due to not being able to control the physical distancing in the pool and to not encourage social gatherings of people.

•             We still want to ensure our public have space to swim or aqua jog – and they must adhere to these resticions as well due to this it may restrict the space we have available for clubs to expand to at certain times – we will do our best to meet your needs or offer alternative space/time.

•             All our spas will be available but restrictions on numbers using them at one time are in place to ensure physical distancing

Personal hygiene

•             Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.

•             We will have hand sanitiser available upon entry and exit for all customers to use

•             No equipment to be used that is shared e.g. water bottles, elastics etc

•             Our shower and change rooms will be open but it is recommended that you change at home if you can – come ready to swim and then dry off poolside and have clothes you can put on to wear home where you can shower or change.

•             Water fountains will be available to refill water bottles but it is recommended that you bring them filled with water

•             We will not be loaning out any kickboards or pull buoy’s at this time and it is the individual clubs responsibility to ensure your equipment is sanitised if used between members and after use.

•             We recommend that all personal swim equipment used at the facility is taken home and washed after use including togs, goggles swim cap, kickboards etc

•             No use of caps during training – this is for water polo

•             If you’re sick, please don’t come to the facility


Sue Dunn


Love your total commitment and your genuine love and care Maxine. Big changes for you hon, but a natural transition to your caring and nurturing for others. Kia Kaha GF, you’ve nailed your dream, Sue, 😘

Pam Rogers


Great, supportive instructor who works with you at your own individual level allowing you to gain confidence and skills over time along with sharing her invaluable water knowledge. Super encouraging and won’t push anyone too soon. She just knows where to start and where to go next. Highly recommended!

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