Swimming block starting 18th January 2021.

New group-swimming block starting 18th January, until 26th March 2021 (10 weeks). Look forward to seeing our regular swimmers at the pool, newbies always welcome especially those who are getting ready for current summer events.

2021 sessions will start in the indoor 25m pool, moving outdoors when the 50m pool reopens end January / February 2021.

Click here to use the new Swim-Able registration form by 8th January 2021, this is to ensure we get pool space. We require health and safety information, to ensure we can offer you a safe and enjoyable water experience.

There is a new block schedule on the Services page.
Please note that the minimum class size is 6 per lane.

You will receive class confirmation by email after 11th January.

Sue Dunn


Love your total commitment and your genuine love and care Maxine. Big changes for you hon, but a natural transition to your caring and nurturing for others. Kia Kaha GF, you’ve nailed your dream, Sue, 😘

Pam Rogers


Great, supportive instructor who works with you at your own individual level allowing you to gain confidence and skills over time along with sharing her invaluable water knowledge. Super encouraging and won’t push anyone too soon. She just knows where to start and where to go next. Highly recommended!

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